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Patricia's Country Angel Magnet

I suggest you print out all of the pages for the instructions and cut out the template pieces pictured below.

Polymer Clay (COLOR WHITE ONLY) - I suggest Promat or Preemo or Sculpey III
A heavy hatpin or wigpin to "cut" the pieces out of the clay.
Color scrap of material for the apron
Acrylic Paints:
....Flesh color
....Color of your choice for hair
....Color of your choice for dress
....White for wings
Plaid Royal Coat Decoupage Finish
Small paintbrush
Permanent Markers (fine point) 1 red, 1 black


Work the polymer clay by rolling it in your hands to warm it and make it pliable. Use a dowel to roll the clay (like pie dough) until it is about 1/4 inch thick. You may also flatten the clay with your fingers as much as possible and then use a flat book to press and flatten the clay.

Place the Template for Base on the clay and cut out with a heavy hatpin or the tip of a knife.

Place the apron on the clay and cut that out as well. Do the same with the arm and cut out first one arm and then flip the template over and cut out the other arm.

Press the apron onto the template base, taking care to leave enough room at the top for the head. Press the arms lightly onto the base as shown in the finished piece.

Cut a piece of clay and roll into a ball about half the size shown on your template sheet. Press the head gently on the top of the template and flatten until it is about the size of the circle shown on the template. Do the same for each hand.

Place the assembled clay angel on a cookie sheet or pie plate that you have lined with foil. Place a sheet of foil over the top (just place it over the angel - do not seal the edges of the foil). Bake the angel in your oven at approxmately 245 to 250 degrees for 35 minutes. You may need to adjust the temperature if your oven bakes too hot or not hot enough. Remove the baked angel from the oven and allow to cool.


Paint the face and hands with the flesh colored acrylic. Paint the hair whatever color you chose for it. Paint the arms and botton of the angel dress. After the paint is thoroughly dry, use the markers to make black dots for eyes and the red marker for a mouth.

Use the apron template to cut out a scrap of colorful material for the apron. Paint a coat of the decoupage finish onto the angel only where the apron will go. Place the material on the angel and press into place.

Paint another coat of the decoupage over the sure to paint on enough to soak the fabric and glue it firmly down on the clay.

Use your imagination to further decorate with bows, bells, beads...whatever pleases your taste. I depicted mine with a gold-toned jump ring "halo" you can get from old discarded jewelry.

Use a magnet strip or glue a round magnet to the back and your done!

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